STEINER Vial Warmer with Sinus Sinal

STEINER Vial Warmer is the first warmer worldwide with an audio signal to indicate the need to change the NUNC Vial. As soon as NUNC Vial is filled with 6ml aspiration fluid, you hear an audio Signal. You can then complete aspiration until follicle is collapsed totally prior changing the NUNC Vial.

The temperature of the aspirated fluid is regulated by “CAREL IR33W7LR20”, one of the most sophisticated microprocessor assisted, temperature controlling units in the market. Heating is achieved with state of the art PTC-Heating element, which will adjust the power consumption in advance according to the temperature automatically. Thus the preparation time from a cold start for the unit itself is only 15 minutes.

Key Features

  • First Vial Warmer with Audio Signal indicating the need for changing NUNC Vial.
  • In dark operation theatre physician hears acoustic signal in order to stop aspiration pump.
  • avoids harm of aspiration pump
  • more flexibility for assisting person, e.g. carrying Vials to the Lab etc.

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