Steiner Tan Needle Classic

The Steiner Tan Needle Classic 17 and 19 gauge enables IVF doctors to aspirate and flush with the greatest possible effect and to retrieve the maximum number of oocytes.

Compared to double lumen needles on the market, the Steiner Needle technology has up to 3-4 times greater effect regarding aspiration and flushing.

The back-cut bevel guarantees optimal sharpness of the Steiner Tan Needle. In contrast to double lumen needles, the Steiner Tan Needles 17 and 19 gauge Classic have free inner lumen for aspiration and flushing – Steiner Tan Needle 17 gauge Classic with inner lumen 1.05mm, the Steiner Tan Needle 19 gauge Classic with inner lumen 0.66mm.

The 3 Way Stop Cock can be turned by using Steiner Combi Pump, Steiner Mechanical Flushing Pump or alternatively by operator’s assistance manually on commando.

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Key Features

  • Aspiration effect like using a single lumen needle
  • Flushing effect 3-4 times greater than any double lumen needle on the market
  • Sharp needle tip (back bevel cut)
  • Clear vision on ultrasound through echo markings
  • At least 3 folds shorter aspiration and flushing time in comparison with other DL Needles
  • Less pain and bleeding because the size of the needle is very small
  • To be used with any Needle Guide (disp. or autoclavable)
  • Remarkable price in comparison with DL Needles on the market by ordering directly from the producer

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