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IVF future was founded more than 10 years ago, with the goal of maximizing oocyte collection and helping to make even more new parents’ wishes come true. Dr. Hans-Peter Steiner, who has more than 30 years of experience in IVF, has developed a unique needle technology which allows aspirating and flushing 3-4 times stronger than existing needles on the market.

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    IVF future – Egg collection Technique in the 21st Century

    Dr. Hans-Peter Steiner
    Rechbauerstrasse 49
    Austria – 8010 Graz

    Assisted Reproductive Technology

    “From mid 2019, we will focus on expanding our sales organization. We want the medical products that we have developed over the years to find their way into fertility centres and clinics worldwide. Are you interested in getting to know the advantages of our IVF products? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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    Since we started using the needle, we are getting almost 100% of oocytes from the follicles. It is very important for older patients undergoing minimal stimulation protocol since they don’t have many follicles to start from. Even more, retrieving eggs from large enough follicles which contain good oocytes is sometimes difficult. With Steiner needle, it’s possible to get good quality oocytes from these patients. We are happy with each of 4 flushing pumps.
    Tetsuo Otani, MD, CEO, a pioneer and one of the leading IVF-experts in Japan
    I love the concept of Dr Steiner system. I am looking for a randomized trial with it. a couple of centers who do not flush currently could do this and we could have an answer. attention to the statistical design would be imperative. a “study ” of 25 -50 patients is not what we need.
    Joe B. Massey, MD, a pioneer and one of the leading IVF-experts in Atlanta:

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